This Young Man Went To A Policeman. What Happened Next Is Just Amazing


Officer James Poole, a 43-year-old man who has served for over two decades, can be described to be a dedicated and outstanding law enforcement officer. Thus, he was an officer worthy of emulation. As such, the local media wanted to interview him. He had penned down his notes, and he made himself comfortable in the lobby of the police academy. He was about to grant the local media an exclusive interview when something happened. You wouldn’t believe what happened. A man entered the lobby and tapped Officer Poole; the man was Christopher Jones. Poole turned around and saw the man. Jones asked, do you remember me? Poole didn’t remember the young man, but he still shook hands with him. Jones immediately reminded Poole of the five-year-old boy he pulled out of a swimming pool several years back. Memories came flashing back, Poole remembered. Poole stood up and gave Jones a warm embrace. Here was the little boy he pulled out of a swimming pool many years ago, he has grown into a 24-year-old man. Poole was astonished and didn’t know of when he uttered the words “I’m being appreciated for something I did 20 years ago”; it’s unbelievable!

Officer Poole had pulled Jones out of the swimming pool back in 1997. Jones wasn’t familiar with the details of what happened, but he was told that his heart stopped because he was underwater for 15 minutes.

With tears in their eyes, both men remembered all that happened twenty years back. Jones was with his five-year-old daughter who happens to be the same age her father was when the incident happened.

Jones thanked Poole immensely and told him that he is right there standing with his daughter because of him. Poole wasted no time to conclude that being a law enforcement officer is a rewarding job. Thus, Jones is an excellent example of the reward.

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