This Pilot Took An Amazing Photo Of A Raging Storm Beneath His Wings And It’s The Most Beautiful Picture Ever


Being a pilot has a lot of perks. There are the distant travels, the nice uniform you are wearing, the respect from everyone, and of course the salary isn’t too bad as well. Maybe one of the most underrated benefits of being the pilot is the chance to look from the front of the plane, to see the beauty of the world like a bird and to witness amazing natural phenomena. Being 37,000 feet above the ground can make everything down there look insignificant, but beautiful as well.

If you have been a pilot for several years and you spend most of your time in the air, there is not much that can surprise you. After all the sky is the sky. This was how Ecuador Airlines pilot and photographer Santiago Borja was thinking before. However nature is always ready to prove you wrong. During one of his flights he witnesses the most amazing view, and one of the most terrifying ones.

While he was flying above the Pacific Ocean south of Panama a magnificent thunderstorm was rage under his wings. The pitch black clouds covered the earth as far as he could see. From time to time the blackness was torn by powerful thunders. It was a devastating thunderstorm and it would have been even life threatening if the plain wasn’t above it. Now this otherwise terrifying spectacle was a truly beautiful experience, one which Borja decided to share with the rest of the world.

The pilot confesses that he was astonished by the storm and was humbled by its size and power. He was just glad that he could fly around this monster and just look and appreciate it from a distance. Borja also commented that it was quite difficult to make the picture, although he admits he likes it very much. He explained in front of Washington post that pictures like this have a fair share of luck behind them, because no storm is easy to be photographed even from the ground, not to mention from the cockpit of an airplane, speeding with hundreds of miles per hour through the air. In his words storms are very tricky because of the lightning, which move extremely fast. There are a lot of reflections from the inside lights as well. Nevertheless Borja managed to take one outstanding picture of this amazing symphony of light produced by Mother Nature.

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