This Family Was Stuck In Their Home For 3 Days And This Monster Is The Reason


An unexpected visitor decided to visit the house of Lauren Ansell a resident of Queensland, Australia when cooking dinner with her boyfriend at night. This visitor in question ended up turning their quiet, sweet and romantic night into a sour experience of terror. It was a horrifying plate-sized beast which was not ready for any funny business. Judging by the appearance of the monster-a huntsman spider, Ansell, and her boyfriend could clearly see that it was furious and ready to strike.

Although this species of spiders are not dangerous to humans, it can bite when angered and from the look of things, this huntsman spider has come to take Ansell and her boyfriend hostage because when they tried to move him, they received the shock of their lives. This demonic creature refused to move an inch even when the cat came into the scene. The angry state of the demon made the duo think deeply if they would rather cower in their home because of a terrifying arachnid or do something to save them from any form of trouble that may ensue.

Ansell’s boyfriend manned up to the challenge and tried to reclaim his territory by crushing the aggressor to the door but unlucky for him, this battle of supremacy would not be an easy one as the menacing aggressor escaped with just minor wounds. In an interview with the local media, Ansell reported to them that “we decided to nickname the spider “Aragog” a character from Harry Potter and we feel it has run into the forbidden forest.” Although we are not certain if Aragog is gone for good or has gone to heal from the minor wounds or perhaps to recruit an army, the good news is that all the hostages came out alive.

Belonging to the Sparassidae family (formerly known as Heteropodidae), huntsman spiders are well known for their speeds and mode of hunting, thus the name, Huntsman. The adult spiders can grow with a leg span up to 12 inches long. Just like other spiders, the huntsman spiders also immobilize their prey by injecting them with their venom which aids in digestion. Although they have not been proven to be dangerous to humans, research has shown that they inflict defensive bites.

Ansell’s story went viral and a lot of people proffered different solutions to the challenge at hand. Some were of the opinion that the house should be burned down to get rid of the monster (we hope this was a joke). One of the comments on Facebook went thus, “I’ve lived in Aussie for 11 years and have NEVER seen one that big. If I do, I will be straight on the plane back to the UK.” A comment from another Facebook user read thus, “Burn the house down!!! Where there’s one, there are more!!!LOL.” A third commenter had this to say; “I’d be on the first bloody plane out. It can have the house.”

The Ansell’s are still living in the house and are not ready to vacate the premises without a fair fight. What gives them more hope is the fact that no side suffered any casualties in the first encounter and at least, the residents will be better prepared and equipped when Aragog decides to strike again.