This Aussie is The Smartest Dog in the World. It Can Dance, Paint and a Whole Lot More


Having a dog is an amazing experience every man should enjoy. It’s like having a best friend and a child at the same time. The difference is that you can count on its utter uncompromising loyalty. Your dog will love you no matter what. Even if you are poor and you can’t put food in his belly every night. Even if sometimes you don’t have enough time to play with it. Your pet will love you unconditionally.

There are all kinds of dogs out there in the world. Some are easy to train and other are just so cute, but so dumb that you can’t help but love them. The little drooling furballs are a marvelous addition to anyone’s life no matter how smart they are. But if they are smart you can teach them some very neat tricks. This way you can show off not only your dog’s cuteness which in fact is quite enough, but you can show everyone how smart and helpful your awesome pet is.

If your dog is like Mary’s, well, it is on the road to fame.

Secret is a very cute Border-Aussie that is known to be “the smartest dog in the world”. She is a true best friend to her human and she shares everything with her – her chores, her sport activities, her hobbies. This awesome dog dances, plays the piano and draws and even does yoga. Secret is only 2-years old but she has become an internet sensation with here unique talents.

Secret loves music. She plays the drums, the piano and especially loves to dance. Irish jigs are her specialty and hardly a day goes by without Mary and Secret having a little dance off.

But Secret life isn’t just fun and games. She also helps with the housework. Most dogs are scared out of their minds when they hear the vacuum cleaner on. Not Secret. She is used to vacuum clean her human’s apartment and she takes care of Mary after a long hard day, by getting her some cold ones from the fridge.

Maybe the most amazing thing that Secret does with Mary is yoga. The two are truly awesome. And you should check this video of the two girls practicing it in the living room

Impressed? Well if you are, than you wouldn’t want to miss this amazing video, that shows just a glimpse of what Secret can do.

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