This Adorable Husky Refuses To Leave His Favorite Park And It’s Hilarious


Having problems is part of everyone’s life. Most times the problems are small and insignificant, other times they are energy and time consuming, and sometimes your problems make you laugh and appreciate those rare moments when you can stop and smile at your misfortunes. Those are the times that is worth capturing on film, and instead of screaming and yelling, just enjoy the moment till it lasts.

Such “big” problem was taped by a dog owner. She took her furry friend Dakota to a dog park, where the husky was having the time of his life. This is until Dakota’s “parents” decided it was time to go home. The husky was happily playing in the park and wasn’t ready to let a couple of humans to spoil his fun, just because they can’t enjoy the outside. Dakota was ready to defend his right to play as much as he wants with the other dog, and he put a true “Oscar winning” performance in the parking lot just next to his owner’s car.

“Dakota, come on! It’s time to go home” the lady, holding the leash said and as a response Dakota went down on the ground and started rolling around “arguing”. The owner asked again, but the answer was just stronger and louder tantrum. Dakota wanted to play a more. He couldn’t understand why his owners wanted to go so bad to their boring home. Here he could run freely, he could chaise squirrels, he could roll around in the grass and all of this under the sun. And now his owners wanted him to go back in the car, and go home. No way was Dakota going to accept his fate without a fight – at least a passive one.

In several minutes the owner asked her partner to pick up the Husky which was met with kicks and frantic whimpering. Turning and rolling he made everything he could to stop the male human from picking him up. At last the man managed to take Dakota to the car.

Thank God there are such technologies that allow us to capture such precious moments on camera and share them with the world. After watching this video I was truly recharged for the rest of the day. It is one of those videos that instantly makes you smile and you simply can’t whip the image of this dog, desperately trying to make his owner stay a bit longer in the park.

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