This 4 Year Old Girl Is Just so amazing … What she did here is Unbelievable


Have you ever came across a video that was so incredible and you had to watch over and over? Well, this is just the video you have been waiting for. It is amazing. Here’s a story about a father and a daughter. Can I describe what this father does with his daughter? It’s indescribable. Sit back while I tell you all about a father and a daughter. This father and his daughter are not like the ordinary or regular family you come across every day. They are likable and very talented. You will not define love the way you used to after reading this story. Thus the story is about a father and a daughter, their lives, and their music. Enjoy!

The story of this family is dated back to many years ago. Back then, Dave was in college. He started writing songs and playing the guitar. He wasn’t writing songs because he had the passion for it, but because he wanted to impress the ladies although he never admitted it. Soon after, he debuted some of his songs. His songs got him something more valuable than worldwide fame. What could that be? Ashley’s love!. The love was so pure and genuine that they soon got married. Few months after their marriage, they got a miracle – a lovely daughter.

Little Claire is just four years old, and she can be called everything a parent wants in a girl. She is funny, charming and has an idea about everything. Her parents didn’t want to maintain the wittiness of Claire all to themselves; they want the world to see her. Thus, they made a YouTube channel for her. Isn’t it beautiful? Although that is not the best part. At three years old, the talent and passion of Claire for music was evident. This charming little girl sings so beautifully like an angel such that one would mistake her for an angel should she wear a costume with wings. She enjoys singing with her dad, and they have some of their duets on her channel. But there is one of their songs together that will make you scream ‘oh my God’ over and over again. The duo sang a Disney’s song from Toy Story – You Got A Friend In Me. The video is a must watch.

The message in the song amongst every other thing makes the song an amazing one. While watching the video, you will feel the extent and depth of the love Dave has for his daughter.  You are just a click away from watching  this amazing video :

You loved it. Don’t you? Why not share this amazing experience with your friends and family. Let them know that ‘You Got A Friend With Me.’ Trust me they will never forget this in a long time.