Mother Of Two Allows Handyman In. What He Puts down Below The Bill, She Still Can’t Believe – Look At What Occurred Next!



Somewhere in Pennsylvania (USA), lives a young mother of two named Bridget Stevens whose husband has been overseas on deployment for six months. In winter, she found out that her heater was not functioning. Since her husband was away, she decided to contact a company to look into the situation. The company she contacted happened to belong to one Paul Betyln, a handyman.

On her Facebook page, she wrote that she was surprised when Paul Betyln picked up immediately because she thought her call would be answered by an answering machine. He gave her instructions so as to get the heater started again but nothing he suggested over the phone seemed to work. So he came to the house to fix it himself.

While he was working on the heater, Bridget started talking to him about her husband Bobby and how he had been deployed overseas. She told him of how she always relied on him to fix things around the house. As soon as Paul got the heater to start working, she started wondering how she would pay the bill. But at that moment, something unexpected happened! “This was when he gave me a receipt on which he wrote the following: ‘No heat. Evening call. Deployment price cut: $1’ ”, she stated.

Although surprised, she tried giving him $1 but he said the $1 charge was a joke. He had done the work free of charge! She ended the story by saying, “He asked me to thank my Bobby for his service to his country. So I want to use this medium to thank Paul Betlyn. My house is warm and nice thanks to you.”

This is one of the stories that emphasizes the fact that good people still exist today! This little act of kindness from Paul went a long way to provide not only warmth to the young lady and her family but also happiness. It is always wonderful to know that someone out there still cares. Show some love to folks out there today!