OMG! Have You Seen A Little Girl So Loving And Compassionate? What this Child Did Will Leave You Stunned


Eddie Scott and his daughter Ella have the habit of eating dinner at their favorite restaurant. This was a tradition they hold so dearly. They went for dinner this week, and it was quite unusual. Eddie wasted no time in recording it as he wanted to make a precious memory with his daughter after all she is his one true gift. Ella got her regular steak and potatoes, but instead of biting on it, she did something unusual and unexpected. She spotted a homeless man outside the restaurant, sitting on a bench. Eddie Scott has always taught his daughter to be compassionate. He taught her about the need to give out to the fewer privilege people around her. One can conclude that all the lessons and teachings Eddie Scott gave her daughter pushed her to do something exceptional and heartwarming.

At the beginning of the video, you will see Ella collecting her dinner. She is looking at the homeless man outside and inquiring from her father if she can give out her meal. Her father gives her the go ahead, and she gives away her dinner to the homeless man outside. Eddie was amazed that he had to confess how amazing his daughter was. He told her “You didn’t just make his day, you’ve done his week.” He asked her how she felt after giving out her food; little Ella answers “I love it.” Eddie posted the video on his wall and captioned it with “My little girl Ella did an amazing thing today – she helped the less privilege around her.” Eddie Scott was proud of his daughter. I will be lying if I say I’m not proud of her too. You’d be proud too. The video of Ella teaches us that it is important to instill the right virtues in our children. The video opens our eyes to see the need to gives back to the less privilege.

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