How The Lives Of 4 Children Were Changed After They Met Him. You Would Not Believe What Happened…


I must warn you that this story you are about to read is a devastating one. This story will make you feel helpless, angry and shed tears. It is a story about the travails of foster children. In the end, you will realize that effecting positive changes in this our world is almost impossible.

The story is dated back to several years ago. The story starts with Rob Scheer, who was the youngest of 10 children and a product of an abusive home. He could remember how his dad often points a gun to him or his siblings; he would ask them who he should shoot first. His parents would laugh at them such that the kids will tremble with fear. He could remember the sexual and physical abuse he suffered – he remembers it all. In fact, the happiest day for him was the day his parents died. Yeah, his parents died, but that didn’t make his life improve. He was adopted into foster care, and there he suffered a much more devastating mental abuse. Up till now, Rob still breaks down in tears when he talks about his early life. I wouldn’t be surprised or blamed him much if he had turned into a drug addict or a psychopath.

At 18 years, Rob became jobless with no place to put his head, but shortly after, something amazing happened. Can you take a wild guess? Just like every horror story, this story also ends well. Indeed Rob had a dreadful and devastating experience, but he didn’t allow it to define him. He turned his life around. This is the point where it gets interesting. Rob joined the military, and soon after, he started working in a corporate environment. Rob soon found true love, and at that moment, his life truly changed. He found Reece.

I’m certain you are probably wondering if Reece sounds like the name of a guy or not. Well, Rob is gay. Reece and Rob started living together. Rob wanted kids, and the only way out was adoption. After much consideration, they adopted two children in foster care. Soon enough, they took two more children. A day came when Rob was walking through their front door. Suddenly, the memories of living in foster care all came back. Rob was stunned, and you wouldn’t believe what happened next. It’s just amazing. Would you like to find out? Of course, you do. Then click on the link below to watch the video →

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