Have you heard about this guy who was raised at a foster home and pledged he would do everything in his power to help kids never to have his experience? Have you seen what this dog can do? Have you witnessed anything this amazing? Have you seen a more shocking moment in your life? All of this and many, many more interesting, important, tragic, breathtaking, up worthy, imaginative or simply amazing thing can be seen in our website. Hello World we are the buzzbirdy.com team and we are proud to present our awesome website, where you can find the most interesting stories in the world.

Our main aim is to entertain you. Here you can play the “Robbie Williams – Let me Entertain  You” to play on the background, just to make you psyched about our extraordinary content. In our website you will find all kinds of viral, interesting and useful information that will make your life more meaningful. You will see that there are a truly good people in the world and that you can expect the unexpected. We are striving to show you the best of humanity, so be prepared to leave your prejudice, take a tissue or two, because you will cry at the end of almost every video, and open up the first article.

You might ask why we do this. The answer is not that easy. First of all we are moved by all those videos you can find on the internet with real life heroes. At the same time we are frustrated by them, because they show just a little segment of the whole story. They show you the heroic part, which is awesome, but they don’t show you the tragedy that led to the need of a hero. In those videos you see a man, or a woman that risk his/her life to save another person, or an animal. This is pretty sweet, but you have no idea who is this person. What is his regular life, why did he decide to risk his own life? There are many videos where people save others who are trying to kill themselves.  But why are they jumping to this drastic measure? What is their tragedy in their life? You will never know.

We will give you the whole story. We will give you the beginning, the middle and the end, and believe me it would be much more interesting to know the whole story, not just the end result. Watching just the heroic part is like seeing the score of an important game after the end of the match. Yes, you’ll know the end result, but you won’t know how the winners managed to beat their opponents, why did the losers lose, was the victory an easy one, or was it a fluke. The same goes for those interesting stories we are about to show you.

So join in and see the amazing content, that will bring you joy, intense emotions, and most importantly will bring your faith in humanity back.